Location, location, location

Choosing a great venue is really important to making your event a success

It really doesn’t matter how much effort you put into a campaign launch, a networking or marketing event. If you stage an event at the wrong location you won’t reap all the rewards. Put simply, it is not good public relations.

More than anything, you are looking to create the right atmosphere. So, if you pick a venue that nobody likes, it will be hard to persuade your invited audience to come. On the other hand, when you get the location right, people will not only want to come along, they’ll remember it long afterwards.

If a location is special or interesting, it will add to your audience’s experience. It will also leave a positive impression about you, your products, services and your business.

Great locations are memorable. This client event at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, home of dinosaurs and the dodo, is still being talked about!