Crisis Communications Webinar

We’re co-hosting a Crisis Communications webinar on 28 April. It’s part of a programme of support for social enterprises, charities and purposeful businesses, funded by the EU and administered by OxLEP and OSEP.

It’s free to join and booking is via Eventbrite.

Here’s more information.

Hope you can join us.

Be better prepared to communicate key messages in these changeable times.

About this Event

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The world is unpredictable and, at times volatile. Almost out of nowhere events can present you with a crisis which jeopardises your plans. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has presented exactly this kind of challenge.

In this webinar, learn from the experience of others and discover the tools that you can use to support communications for your organisation.

The webinar will include:

  • Case studies from Oxfordshire charities and organisations with their experience and learnings from recent communication challenges as a result of COVID-19
  • The 5 steps to creating a crisis communications plan
  • Tips on implementing your plan. A plan is just a plan if nothing happens
  • Developing your messaging

You will be provided with templates to support you in the development of a crisis communication plan for your own organisation.

Who is the webinar for?

Recent events required organisations of all sizes to communicate urgently with a whole range of stakeholders and it seems that we could all be living with uncertainty for some time.

This webinar is for any organisation which wants to be better prepared and implement time-saving measures for their communications in these changeable times.


This session will be facilitated by Rod Macrae. Rod’s background includes news, current affairs, and consumer issues broadcasting with Reuters, BBC and regional television and radio. He’ll share his experience of crisis communication planning from his time leading the global communications for environmental charity Greenpeace, from working with an Oxfordshire patient-led health charity and supporting fundraising endeavours to the Arctic.