Get your post-lockdown relaunch marketing right!

Positively has a cunning plan to help you with your post-lockdown relaunch marketing

The great unlock is underway after some very tough months. The challenge now is getting ready for a business landscape which has changed almost beyond imagining. What will your post-lockdown relaunch marketing look like?

We posted earlier about some essential marketing things to do before businesses can re-open. (See the blog – Unlocking your business Communications). Now it is time to really step up a gear.

A different world

Whilst some companies have survived by rapidly adapting to the locked-down world, for everyone else the challenge begins now: to re-launch into a ‘new normal’ business environment.

You might feel you are ready just to pick up where you left off – with the same customers buying the same things. Equally, during the lockdown, you may have made changes and adopted new approaches that will serve you well. Are you one of the businesses that are making more of online opportunities?  Maybe the unexpected and rapid change in the business environment means you’ve found new services or products as well as market opportunities?

Talking to customers

Whatever situation you face, you need customers or clients, and to do that you need to market your business. If you don’t tell people your story, they may never hear it. Most of all, you need to engage with people and understand them. The days of shouting loudly to be heard are long gone. Opening your doors again, introducing new products and services or telling people about new ways of doing business are all important, but so too is understanding the realities of customers’ lives. The closer you are to customers, the stronger your business will be. It’s time to talk!

Kickstarting, not limping back

Because it can feel that everything has changed, and we know that businesses need to get going again quickly, we’ve put together a service to help you. We’re launching a Lockdown Relaunch Marketing package, designed to get your business and brand in the right shape. The aim is to secure the visibility you need and to get you close to your customers as speedily as possible. We will take care of your marketing and communications, leaving you free to focus on your everyday operations. Simple.

We understand that when budgets are tight, there’s a temptation to rely on pent-up demand and regular customers through word of mouth. That will happen, but it can be very slow. Don’t forget, you are launching as a deep recession bites, so time is not on your side. Moving quickly will restore your cash flow faster and give you an edge over your competitors too. Now is the time to act and get your marketing message out before everyone else.

Explore our Lockdown Relaunch Marketing package, and how it can support your business. 

To speak to us about your business, and your post lockdown marketing challenges, just drop us an email and we can set up a time for a chat.