Precisely who do you need to reach?

The number of ways we can communicate today makes it critical to focus precisely about who you need to reach. If there is one thing which ineffective communications have in common, it is confusion about the audience for the message. Good communication, on the other hand, is based on knowing exactly who the audience is.

Imagine for a minute the mismatch if a Sun reader found themselves reading a story intended for the Financial Times. The chances are it would not be read at all!

Writing for your audience

This issue of writing for your audience was central to one of our recent projects for an industry body for the home entertainment industry.

The task:  write a briefing document capturing the latest recommendations and approaches on single-use plastics in the UK and internationally.

The challenge: write too simply and the document would lack the level of detail required to be useful. Include too much detail and it would indigestible.

Editing down to the essential and avoiding technical language and jargon was essential.

Unpick the complex.  Make it accessible.

In this case, we were dealing with the complexity of the regulations around sustainable procurement and disposal. So many issues concerning different types of plastic and definitions of packaging. And even more about what can be widely recycled and sources of recycled plastics and the alternatives.

The people we needed to reach had to be made aware of these regulations, but not in the ‘raw’. They also needed to have sufficient information to enable them to implement the recommendations of their industry body and to inform product and design decisions. 

The essence of good communication

The essence of good communication is all about understanding precisely who you need to reach, and why.

In this case, the key points were distilled into a well-designed 3-page document.  These 3 pages provided all of the useful information, written in a clear language.  

If you’ve got some complex communication needs, get in touch. We’re more than happy to have a virtual cuppa!