Helping the recovery as the UK unlocks

Confidence boosting is vital for the UK recovery

Helping the recovery as the UK unlocks

Positively Media’s storytelling is helping the recovery as the UK unlocks. Reaching normality is not only a hope, it is essential. We all want a taste of freedom again, but not at any price.

It’s a small world

The global pandemic has made everybody’s worlds much smaller. We’re used to getting by with Zoom chats, endless repeats and Netflix binge-watching. They have replaced almost non-existent travel.

Helping tell recovery stories is Positively Media’s mission right now. Too many businesses have been closed for a year or had faltering re-starts. It’s no wonder so many people are reluctant to venture out again. Put simply, people want to be totally confident they’re safe.

Staging a comeback

The beautiful ancient seat of the Dukes of Northumberland, Alnwick Castle has been slowly unlocking. It’s popular with Harry Potter fans who usually flock there to see where some of the first film was shot.  Getting the visiting habit back has taken clarity.  First, the castle announced a 3-phase path towards fully opening, in line with the national road map. At every phase, positive reason to visit were captured in appealing stories. Photos attracting the core family audience featured strongly.

Happy high streets

On the high street, the challenge is the same. With ShopAppy, an online platform promoting local high streets, they have been urging people to get back to physically shopping. That’s no easy task after a  year of when people developed online habits.

Getting the message right was critical. We developed the idea that reopening was a Liberation Day and emphasised the positive things which make local shopping a safe and enjoyable experience. This included a hashtag #OpenAllHours to link together their online and in-shop services.  The stories have been about heroic high street traders adapting to create online platforms and really looking forwards to meeting their customers again face-to-face.

Tonal quality

Every time, we face the same  need:  hitting the right tone to encourage audiences out of their restricted world and igniting their enthusiasm for some rediscovered freedoms.

How are we doing? Of course, the story is incomplete, so we will be storytelling for a while longer.

Authentic storytelling makes the right impact.