COP26 – the new sustainable agenda

Regardless of the details, COP26 is a landmark moment for everyone and there will be an acceleration of the sustainable agenda. We’re expecting challenging targets and a greater focus on achieving a genuinely low carbon

Cop26 sustainable agenda goals

Helping the recovery as the UK unlocks

Positively Media’s storytelling is helping the recovery as the UK unlocks. Reaching normality is not only a hope, it is essential. We all want a taste of freedom again, but not at any price. It’s

Eager to learn how to ride a broomstick - Training at Alnwick Castle

Start-up Club for Oxfordshire

Did you know that OxLEP Business, has a Start-up Club for Oxfordshire, offering support and a network of like-minded people? That’s great news for potential entrepreneurs in the county. And, there are a lot of

Start-up Club Oxfordshire OxLEP Postively Media

Prepare to communicate to an unlocked world

Is your business ready? Download

Preparing to communicate to an unlocked world

Why visual content is vital

The Reuters Institute for Journalism in Oxford predicts that by 2021 Instagram will overtake Twitter as a source for news, making visual content vital. It reflects the massive growth in using visuals. If you are

why visual content is vital instagram

Unlocking your business communications 

The Covid19 restrictions are lifting and, as a business owner, you now need to look at unlocking your business communications. Not easy as you are still evaluating what the new business environment looks like! What

keys to unlocking you business communications (square)

Crisis Communications Webinar

We’re co-hosting a Crisis Communications webinar on 28 April. It’s part of a programme of support for social enterprises, charities and purposeful businesses, funded by the EU and administered by OxLEP and OSEP. It’s free

crisis communications webinar for oxlep osep social enterprise charity

Precisely who do you need to reach?

The number of ways we can communicate today makes it critical to focus precisely about who you need to reach. If there is one thing which ineffective communications have in common, it is confusion about

audience. Know your audience for good effective communication

Authentic storytelling makes the right impact.