A Royal boost for coral reef global campaign

Prince Charles coral reef IYOR

As we now know, the world’s Coral Reefs are gravely endangered by ocean warming and climate change.

The need for action was highlighted by the  International Year of the Reef.

An important IYOR event was a gathering of the world’s top coral reef experts at an event hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales Sustainability Office. The profile of the whole campaign gained significant momentum with an address by HRH The Prince of Wales.

The media relations for IYOR at the gathering in London were provided by Positively Media. Within minutes, the major digital and print channels had distributed our images, with the key messages.

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Google goes underwater in the coral triangle

google seaview coral triangle

Google is immersing itself in ocean change. You can now ‘dive’ with a survey team in a virtual reality experience. Why not explore underwater locations in the Coral Triangle? Check out the content in Google Maps. It is all possible following a partnership with Positively Media clients The Ocean Agency and XL Catlin (now AXAXL).

The more people know about our oceans, the better. With Google, you can discover a  hidden world with stunning images exactly as if you were there yourself. See this amazing underwater world on your screen is helping to overcome the biggest problem for ocean change communicators: if it is out of sight, it is out of mind.